SherloQ Announces Solution to Cookieless Technology Problem Built Using IBM Watson

As we inch closer to a future that sees third-party cookies no longer supported on web browsers, SherloQTM has announced an off-the-shelf cookieless technology solution for businesses and publishers designed to help them achieve compliance with the 2022 internet industry changes in the United States and Europe. In an effort to protect user privacy and...

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The Sunset of Broad Match Modifier Gives Google More Control, Not Advertisers

In mid-February, Google Ads began to phase out broad match modifier (BMM). While Google states that this change will give advertisers “more control and better reach,” this move is in line with Google’s push toward automation, and ultimately gives Google more control, not advertisers. Advertisers desperately need more control over their advertising campaigns, not less....

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Intelligence Gleaned from AI Increases One HVAC Company’s Sales by 49%

While there are plenty of keyword tools currently on the market, there aren’t any out there that provide insights into the language consumers use when talking about a business, your business - until now. SherloQ™ uses IBM Watson to glean intelligence from the first-party data that’s captured on your website through phone calls, chats, email...

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Digital Marketing Trends for the Automotive Vertical

An exclusive from SherloQ™, powered by IBM Watson Using the SherloQ™ AI website core, the lead data used for this analysis came from dealerships in New England and was anonymized. The first lead that was assessed came in as an organic call on February 12, 2020 and the final lead that was assessed came in as...

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Impact of Organic Search Versus Google PPC On Website Lead Conversion During Coronavirus

SherloQ™ with IBM Watson Exclusive During the last 12 months, we have analyzed millions of website leads from both organic and paid search combined with more than 2.8 million website data points that looked at lead quality scores and value though SherloQ™, powered by IBM Watson. The results were anonymized and used three industries to represent...

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Is Your Website Ready?

Your website is a core asset of your business, but is your website ready to succeed in today’s competitive search environment? If you answered yes, you’re (probably) wrong, here’s why. Organic The Internet and how consumers search on the web is evolving rapidly. So much so that it’s impossible for most websites to keep up....

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Opening Pandora’s Box: A Look Inside the World of Artificial Intelligence and Advertising

The Internet has greatly evolved from the world of HTTP linking originally envisioned and created by Tim Berners-Lee to a data-centric driven Internet where millions of factors effect decisions of large and small organizations alike. The challenge becomes how to manage it all due to the scale of data being produced and because the companies...

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The Human Touch Of Artificial Intelligence

An increasing number of agencies and brands have discovered the power of SherloQ™, a state-of-the-art app and software platform, with a control panel that allows clients to rate and value inbound leads. SherloQ™'s marketing platform has many patent-pending features. Even so, questions often come up about SherloQ™'s ratings. Why do I need to rate leads?...

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