Opening Pandora’s Box: A Look Inside the World of Artificial Intelligence and Advertising

Artificial Intelligence and AdvertisingThe Internet has greatly evolved from the world of HTTP linking originally envisioned and created by Tim Berners-Lee to a data-centric driven Internet where millions of factors effect decisions of large and small organizations alike.

The challenge becomes how to manage it all due to the scale of data being produced and because the companies that control the advertising distribution networks are increasingly removing transparency into their methods and the advertiser's ability to choose.

Let's take a look at Google's responsive search ads.

This is an advertising solution where Google's system A/B tests different headlines and descriptions in order to get the best click-through rate on an ad. However, they don't actually disclose to the business which of the final ads converted. While these tests will benefit Google by giving more data, it's questionable if this will really benefit the business or agency that is advertising on Google.

The best way to solve situations like this one is to empower the business or agency and provide them with this level of insight.

In our prior example, the overwhelming amount of data and factors in digital advertising can easily be handled by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI). However, this process needs to be simplified so that any business regardless of size can harness the power of AI.

SherloQ™ does this by providing an easy to use mobile app that overlays SherloQ™ with IBM Watson. This simple interface not only has the practical value of showing businesses all of the incoming leads from their website and advertising campaigns, but it also has the added value of allowing them to train AI technology that can help them deal with massive amounts of data. See the video for more.

Next is taking back control to the extent a business can.

For consumers being served ads, the issue of control will eventually be solved by using something called Block Chain, which is a topic we will address at another time.

For businesses or agencies that advertise, the solution is in your customer data. This is the part of the automation cycle that Google, or any other advertising distributors, don't have access to. SherloQ™ is the only platform out there to bridge this gap.

SherloQ™, powered by IBM Watson, empowers businesses by learning and extracting key details, such as what ads are converting leads into their best customers, new potential markets to enter, background and search history of leads, and so much more. This is what we call actionable intelligence. SherloQ™ gives you ownership of your data and allows you to decide how to best increase the value of your marketing, all from the palm of your hand.

Jacob M. Del Hagen is author of the book Modern Propaganda and the CTO and patent holder of SherloQ™, as well as other advertising and machine learning technologies.

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