SherloQ Announces Solution to Cookieless Technology Problem Built Using IBM Watson

As we inch closer to a future that sees third-party cookies no longer supported on web browsers, SherloQTM has announced an off-the-shelf cookieless technology solution for businesses and publishers designed to help them achieve compliance with the 2022 internet industry changes in the United States and Europe.

In an effort to protect user privacy and boost transparency about how data from third-party cookies is gathered and used, Google and other technology platforms have started to phase the use of cookies out, with an eye toward making them obsolete by 2022.

Additionally, consumer privacy restrictions related to the collection of data and user tracker through web browsers are already in place. In other words, the online world we’ve grown accustomed to is changing, and this presents new challenges for digital marketers. Without putting cookieless technology in place on your website, your advertising could become much less efficient. That means marketing initiatives could cost more and business analytics and metrics could become incomplete.

SherloQTM has announced a solution to the “no cookies” problem: an AI Core for websites that combines machine learning technology and customer data.

The new AI Core integrates IBM Watson technology into websites to capture, rate, and analyze performance marketing and other lead-generating data. The SherloQ solution uses IBM Watson Studio and IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to help analyze website interactions, such as calls, chats, texts and email transcripts, to identify high-quality marketing leads and advertisements which are scored based on relevance.

With the solution, SherloQTM uses the IBM Blockchain Platform to help businesses connect the data they control back into advertising platforms. This automates a missing technological piece of the marketing and sales funnel —all while gaining valuable customer insights that drive growth. Installed on websites using a simple script, SherloQTM is designed to capture first-party customer data when a user clicks on an ad or a website.

"As companies look to accelerate digital transformation and future-proof their businesses in a rapidly changing industry, they want to make sophisticated AI technology accessible to employees without data science skills so they can build and train AI solutions that drive business value,” said Daniel Kloud, Vice President of Ecosystem and Strategic Partners for Data and AI, IBM. “IBM is collaborating with ecosystem partners like SherloQ to help non-technical users build more trustworthy AI and natural language processing solutions using IBM Watson to streamline business operations, increase productivity and simplify business processes.”

Jacob M. Del Hagen, chief technology officer of SherloQTM, said: “At SherloQ, we recently teamed up with ALM (American Legal Media), an international media company, to deploy our platform on Lawyerpages. As a forward-looking industry leader, ALM knew SherloQ would future-proof their advertising and AI technology stack. By installing SherloQ, we were able to provide a cookieless advertising framework, and just as importantly, augment much of their existing publishing data using our AI Core to provide new sources of revenue and intelligence through the use of AI.”

Ultimately, SherloQTM provides businesses with a powerful advertising, scoring, and automation tool that is designed to sort and organize leads, capture and store individual consumer preferences, and identify whether they can market to a specific user, helping them navigate an online world without third-party cookies.

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