If you’re in the YMYL category, we need to talk.

“Your money or your life.”

There are certain websites that Google holds to particularly high content standards because of the effects that content could have on someone’s well-being. If you’re in one of these categories, the stakes are high – and you need to be prepared.

Sherloq® solves that.

What is YMYL?

Google defines YMYL as types of pages that “could potentially impact a person’s future happiness, health, financial stability, or safety.” There are many types of YMYL pages, but if you’re in the following industries, you’re definitely going to be held to a higher standard:

  • Legal services
  • Financial services
  • Medical services

When you’re held to high standards, you need airtight solutions.

Powered by the Watson AI Core®, Sherloq offers robust, fully compliant advertising solutions for the finance, healthcare, and legal industries.

Automate your marketing at scale and make your advertising more efficient, all while protecting your customers’ most critical data with an immutable blockchain ledger.

We’ve already been at this for years, and we’re prepared to help YMYL companies step into the future. It’s time to act.

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