The Future of Performance Marketing

Powered by IBM Watson, SherloQ™ harnesses the power of AI to extraordinarily improve the performance of your website and ad campaigns, on the basis of three pillars: intelligence, automation and prediction.

AI-Driven Websites

SherloQ™ predictive intelligence identifies the keywords consumers use in everyday conversations so that your business can then incorporate this insight onto your site, content marketing and ad copy in order to improve SEO.

AI-Driven Ad Campaigns

SherloQ™'s predictive modeling and automation software optimizes your existing paid media beyond the capabilities of individual advertising platforms, increasing campaign efficiency and profitability based on your feedback.

"This has the power to DISRUPT the advertising industry"
-D. Getzin IBM

Agency Solutions

As an agency, you run thousands of campaign variations across hundreds of ad campaigns. With SherloQ™ linked on the backend, our software will optimize your client's campaigns for the ads that are driving leads that result in real customers. This allows your agency to focus on the valuable insights and data that SherloQ™ gleans for long-term growth, such as new markets to enter and newly discovered highly-converting keywords to add to landing pages.

Electronic Devices

Brand Solutions

Is your business driven by leads? Whether you are a small to midsize business (SMB) or an enterprise company, your business will benefit from SherloQ™. With patent-pending technology, the app puts control over your campaigns right in the palm of your hand, allowing you to access and effortlessly value leads in real-time, giving you the ability to respond to leads instantaneously - beating your competitors and gaining your best customers.