Reduce waste and improve campaign performance

Without Sherloq®, critical conversions from your business can’t be communicated to ad exchanges. Sherloq with IBM Watson bridges this gap, creating an automated feedback loop that focuses on relaying data that’s valuable to your business.

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Scale Performance Based on Your First-Party Data

Sherloq’s API automatically feeds first-party data it categorizes and scores back into Google so that its AI can more effectively leverage smart bidding to optimize campaigns for the types of leads that are driving your business forward.

The result:

  • Higher quality clicks
  • Improved campaign efficiency
  • Reduced ad budget waste
  • Better leads and customers

Train Your Ad Campaigns in Real Time

For every lead generated by your ad campaign, Sherloq designates an Ad Rank Score on a scale of 1 to 10. This score gets fed back into Google, putting more importance behind the ads that are driving valuable leads for your business.

Clear Insights for Every Marketing Level

You don’t have to be a PPC expert to gain insights into ad campaign performance.

Marketers at every level, including account management and sales teams, can quickly see information about campaigns and easily tie out leads to the specific ad they converted from.

The perfect tool for agency folks working directly with clients on the frontline.

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