Know your target customer and their intent to buy

Sherloq® understands the meaning and intent behind first-party data captured on your website, helping you to know precisely which leads are converting into your best customers and from where.

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Real-Time Data Classification

Sherloq uses IBM Watson’s natural language understanding (NLU) and natural language classifier (NLC) capabilities to automatically read, process, and categorize data at scale and in real time.

AI with the Human Touch

Over time, Sherloq begins to understand the pages and ads that are driving leads that are more likely to convert into customers for your business, using first-party data to train your campaigns for better performance.

Learnings from Watson can be reinforced by occasionally rating leads as good or bad in either the mobile or desktop interface. Doing so signals to Sherloq when a lead is extremely valuable to your business.

Easily Track Purchase Intent

As Sherloq aggregates your data, this information can be easily filtered and sorted by the lead categories that have the most value for your business.

Within the interface, you’ll be able to evaluate campaign performance and track how consumer purchase intent is trending across your data over a designated period of time.

Download Data in One Click

All of your first-party data can be easily exported into a CSV file, allowing you to separate leads by contact method (phone, chat, email, text) and traffic channel (paid or organic).

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