Customized Solutions for Enterprise Clients

Sherloq® offers enterprises fully customized solutions to give brands and agencies greater visibility, accessibility, and control over their marketing and customer data. This includes advanced data mining, data enrichment, predictive modeling and integration with ad buying platforms, CRMs and other data partners.

How do we use AI at scale?

Sherloq solves that.

Scale your business globally

Sherloq integrates with enterprise users that have multiple locations across the globe, and supports 13 languages, depending on the feature: Arabic, Chinese (simplified), Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.

Enterprise-level automated AI model training

Sherloq can create custom AI data models that score and route to appropriate departments within the organization. Take the most valuable insights from your top performers and apply them at scale across every department.

Protect your enterprise with top-notch risk compliance

Sherloq’s blockchain-based marketing compliance solution creates an immutable ledger that logs every single transaction, purchase, and data change in a secure format. Maintain full compliance with the GDPR and California Consumer Privacy Act, and protect your business with agent auditing and risk flagging.

Customized pricing and scalable solutions that grow with you

By 2025, every website will be using AI in some capacity. Stay ahead of the game with the Sherloq AI Core® and our enterprise-level solutions.

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