Intelligence Gleaned from AI Increases One HVAC Company’s Sales by 49%

SherloQ HVAC case buttonWhile there are plenty of keyword tools currently on the market, there aren’t any out there that provide insights into the language consumers use when talking about a business, your business - until now.

SherloQ uses IBM Watson to glean intelligence from the first-party data that’s captured on your website through phone calls, chats, email submissions, etc. This intelligence is delivered in a daily email report and can then be applied by marketers and agencies to improve SEO, content marketing and ad copy.

Read our use case to find out how one agency implemented insights gleaned from SherloQ’s Intelligence Reports for a leading HVAC company servicing customers in New England. Because the agency had SherloQ installed on the backend of their client’s site, they were able to implement intelligence gleaned by Watson to increase sales by 49% over the span of just a month for a specific product.

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Download our HVAC use case here.

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