Impact of Organic Search Versus Google PPC On Website Lead Conversion During Coronavirus

SherloQ™ with IBM Watson Exclusive

COVID-19 leadsDuring the last 12 months, we have analyzed millions of website leads from both organic and paid search combined with more than 2.8 million website data points that looked at lead quality scores and value though SherloQ™, powered by IBM Watson. The results were anonymized and used three industries to represent a wide spectrum of the consumer search market behavior during the coronavirus pandemic. Additional data and cross-refence validation was provided for use in this study with permission from our agency partners Big Voodoo Interactive and HelixSix East.

The sectors that were used as the represented data set were automotive (both national brands and local dealers), legal, and HVAC (home repair).

The multiyear macros trend indicates a number of what we suspect were organic search algorithm updates or technical issues which recovered for healthy websites followed but a consistent downturn in organic lead growth during the coronavirus pandemic.

Paid vs. Organic Lead Counts

The micro 3-month look indicates a further substantial downtrend in organic results with pay-per-click (PPC) holding stable and growing.

Paid vs. Organic Lead Counts

Further trends indicate there is additional market share available in PPC and social media creating substantial buying opportunities. However, organic search trends continue to change as the pandemic goes on and consumer behavior and use of keywords evolves. We will report on these as we gather more insights.

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