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Agencies, connect customer data to the search query

The marketing industry is highly competitive with little room for error. In an agency setting, there’s always the threat that one (or more) of your clients will cancel because “the marketing just isn’t working.”

No longer. 

SherloQ™, powered by IBM Watson is the first AI-driven platform to drive performance marketing both at a local and global level. Marketers are unable to connect customer data to the exact ad that was triggered by the consumer's search query, and advertising platforms have limited visibility into real customer data to help fuel the automation cycle.

Powered by IBM Watson, SherloQ™ bridges the gap between corporations, retail sales and the customers, incorporating feedback from businesses on the quality of leads into the Google Ads platform to further optimize campaigns to buy ads and search terms that are producing valuable customers.

How It Works

SherloQ's app works on the backend of your client's site, piping in data from their call-tracking and chat vendors, as well as on-site form submissions.

From within the app, your clients can:

  • Rate and value incoming leads in the palm of their hand
  • Respond to customer inquiries from one central location
  • See leads in real-time and be "first responders"
  • Get a clearer picture of what's working and what's not
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Your agency will be able to aggregate this data at a local level, which can then be fed up to the corporate level. SherloQ™ provides prediction capabilities and insight into consumer intelligence, giving marketers a complete picture of performance across various advertising platforms, in terms of data governance and compliance.

Your agency will receive SherloQ's Intelligence Reports, trained by your customers and delivered right to your inbox.

These daily reports will provide your agency with insights into:

  • Keyword trends
  • Search terms for landing pages and site content
  • Copy ideas for improved ad creative
  • Potential new markets to enter

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