Better understand your customers in their own words

Sherloq® with IBM Watson goes beyond data classification, gleaning insights from your lead transcripts. This conversation intelligence is proprietary to you and can be queried and applied to your overarching digital marketing strategy.

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Unlock Keywords Directly from Your Consumers

Leverage your own first-party data over data from third-party vendors.

Aggregated marketing intelligence from the Watson AI is delivered at your fingertips, allowing you to gain insights into the unique language consumers and customers are using when interacting with your business.

Make Your Content More Relevant to Consumers

Conversation intelligence from Sherloq can be used to improve the performance of your on-site SEO and ad campaigns.

Your organization can actively apply insights from our AI to your website, content marketing and ad creative. Ultimately, this leads to improved performance because the content uses the consumer’s own words making it more relevant to their search.

Easily Query & Mine Your First-Party Data

Unlike any other keyword tool on the market, Sherloq classifies and aggregates the first-party data captured on your website.

Our Intelligence Tool allows you to search for keywords and their related terms, displaying every single lead that used these terms. Our data mining capabilities allow you to uncover the quality of traffic as it relates to key terms.

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