World-class technology, Best of breed partners

SherloQ™ was founded on the core belief that human intelligence is the best intelligence.
We believe that...

  • The combination of the human touch and artificial intelligence is the nexus of productivity.
  • Your data should be completely secure while also maintaining a level of visibility into your business.
  • Fully trained artificial intelligence empowers people to improve their business.

Development of SherloQ™'s martech platform began in 2016, launching its beta release in 2019. The company is private equity funded, with over 50 employees and is growing rapidly.

Executive Team At A Glance

Jake Del Hagen, Founder & CTO

With numerous pending patents in machine-learning and advertising technology, Jake is a seasoned entrepreneur who has successfully led both executive and engineering teams for over 25 years, from the development of software products all the way through to market execution.

Mark Salomone, Jr., CFO

Mark is a results-driven, operationally accomplished finance executive with over ten years of experience in corporate development, strategy, FP&A, capital raising, M&A, and general management.

David Johnston, Director of Business Development

David is a digital marketing executive and has worked closely with agencies and brands for over 15 years, focusing on integrated digital media strategy, martech and distribution.

Devin Egan, Director of Performance Marketing

Devin has almost a decade of experience in building performance marketing campaigns for some of the leading performance driven brands in the United States.