Why Sherloq®?

Welcome to Web 3.0

Sherloq®, powered by IBM Watson, is the first platform that allows marketers and agencies to seamlessly integrate artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning with data from their website and ad campaigns.

Our simple installation process works with Google Tag Manager (GTM) to instantly transform a businesses’ website into one that has an AI Smart Core.

Sherloq is revolutionizing the way websites and ad campaigns work and learn collectively in order to drive increased performance of digital marketing efforts.

Automatic AI

Ad buying automation has been pushed to the forefront of every digital marketing team’s radar. Businesses are running thousands of ads across multiple campaigns and incorporating variations of keywords in order to reach their target consumer.

It’s impossible for a single human to decipher all of the factors that impact which ad is served to who in an efficient and accurate manner.

Automation is the only feasible way to accomplish this. However, without human intervention, AI and machine learning technology has the potential to make poor business decisions.

Sherloq eliminates this issue by giving marketers and agencies control over their own data, allowing them to rate and value the leads that are converting into real customers for the business. This trains Sherloq’s AI on what makes a lead truly valuable for a business, information that is then fed back into the automation system of individual ad platforms to optimize for these campaigns.

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