Power Your Digital Marketing with an AI Core®

If you asked anyone what they needed before the car was invented, the answer was “a faster horse.” The next innovation came as a shock – and then all at once, everyone needed it.

That's what Sherloq® with IBM Watson did for websites and ad campaigns by building the world's first AI core®. We predicted what was coming next, and now the internet is catching up.

You didn’t know you needed it, but once you have an AI Core®, there’s no going back.

This is a paradigm shift.

Until quite recently, websites hadn't evolved much since the introduction of CMS platforms and ad exchanges, forcing marketers to use automation based on incomplete data.

That’s why at Sherloq, we built an AI Core®.

With a small bit of code placed on a website via Google Tag Manager (GTM), you can instantly transform your digital marketing strategy with artificial intelligence. With Watson integrated into your website and ad campaigns, you'll empower your entire business to make smarter marketing decisions based on your own first-party data.

Having an AI core means better performance across the board

Installing AI at the core of your website links the website itself and the data layer. This allows marketers to better understand customers and consumers, visualize their intent to make a purchase, and uncover insights from conversation intelligence. The power of those insights is to:

  • Strengthen your overarching marketing strategy
  • Add new keyword and content ideas directly from the consumer
  • Improve performance of your marketing efforts

Sherloq can also be synced with your Google Ads account, helping to optimize the performance of ad campaigns and reduce waste via ad automation.

First-party data categorized and scored on your website is automatically fed back into each ad exchange’s AI. By training models in real time, the AI core® helps their automation systems filter out the junk and optimize campaigns for the types of leads that turn into your best customers.

The Sherloq AI core® also powers robust marketing compliance solutions by using an immutable blockchain ledger to keep your website in compliance with emerging data privacy regulations. And it’s infinitely scalable for enterprise-level solutions with customization options, risk compliance, and automated AI model training.

This is the future. Don’t be left behind.

Our predictions have come true so far. Here’s our next one: by 2025, we believe every website will be using AI. This is the new standard, and you can’t afford to play catch-up.

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