The Human Touch Of Artificial Intelligence

SherloQ Human TouchAn increasing number of agencies and brands have discovered the power of SherloQ™, a state-of-the-art app and software platform, with a control panel that allows clients to rate and value inbound leads.

SherloQ™'s marketing platform has many patent-pending features.

Even so, questions often come up about SherloQ™'s ratings.

  • Why do I need to rate leads?
  • Can't SherloQ™ and the Watson AI score leads automatically?

The answer? Yes-ish.

While it is true that SherloQ™'s AI, along with IBM Watson, is incredibly good at scoring and buying the most profitable ads, it is also true that the more data and ratings it gets, the better SherloQ™ becomes at understanding what the most valuable ads for a business are.

We call this "the human touch."

While AI is an incredibly powerful tool for customer data platforms, we do not foresee the need for human interaction to end anytime soon. To illustrate why AI needs the human touch, we ran an experiment using AI built by Adam King (@AdamDanielKing) as part of OpenAI's new machine learning model for writing text.

In example number one, SherloQ™'s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Jacob Del Hagen, asked OpenAI to talk about digital marketing.

"Let's talk about Jacob Del Hagen Entrepreneur in Digital Marketing

This is a great introduction for digital marketers! We will also talk about different factors of Entrepreneur, such as:

Knowledge Base Building.

Sales, marketing and marketing strategy.

Startups, companies and business model.

Website building, SEO (Search Engine Optimize), SEO + PPC (Pagination).

Marketing, branding, social media, etc.

Marketing on social platforms.

Marketing content.

Communication strategies.

Online advertising.

Social media platforms.

Building relationships.

We will be talking about how to run a successful Business.

This class is for all those beginners, and it's for those who want to start an effective business as soon as possible! In this e-course you will learn what are the elements of a successful Entrepreneur and we will give you all the information you need to start a Business from starting a small blog on your own. You will learn basic in-depth knowledge about business like: How to develop marketing and"

In example number two, we asked the AI to write about Jake as a founder of SherloQ™, powered by IBM Watson. In this case, the AI on its own accord decided to do an interview with another AI pretending to be Mr. Del Hagen.

"Jacob DelHagen Entrepreneur -

You make a lot of money, so I think it was appropriate to start with that business. I love the idea of what you are doing, it's a fun story to tell with a laugh.

JH: Do you do research beforehand?

DT: I've read everything I can find on business growth. I've read a list of books and read some of these websites. This is a business I wanted to start - I wanted to start it in an environment of fun and adventure. I am very curious to see where it takes me. Hopefully soon I will be working on it!

JH: Do you think there's a time when that type of business makes sense?

DT: I want to be open to new ideas and new opportunities, and that is why I am running. I want to get into the business of entrepreneurship in one hand and keep making fun movies. This is my first step.

JH: Is there a big difference between making a "big", "popular", "successful", "lucky", "h"

These two examples illustrate the potential, as well as the limitations, of AI and marketing automation on its own. SherloQ™ bridges the gap between AI and human intelligence by offering end users an easy way to provide feedback to AI, including Google Ads.

SherloQ™ creates the necessary data loop that keeps AI on track to take advantage of its powerful features. Without this feedback loop, creating a truly personalized machine learning module would be almost impossible.

Jacob Del Hagen is a Founder and CTO of SherloQ™, powered by IBM Watson. 

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