About Sherloq®

  1. Q: How does Sherloq work?
    A: Sherloq combines automation, intelligence and attribution to deliver real profits for your business. Our patent-pending technology is the first of its kind to leverage valuable customer insights that are analyzed through IBM Watson and Google's AI, resulting in campaign budgets being optimized at levels never before available to the market. These proprietary insights uncover the lowest bid price and the highest performing ad scales. Sherloq's ability to uncover specific trends also helps create new targeting opportunities within your campaign.
  2. Q: What are the Leads, Campaigns, Opportunities, and Performance tabs?
    A: The "Leads" tab is where you can view all of your current, rated, and archived leads. The Campaigns tab is where you have access to view/change your campaign(s). The "Opportunities" tab is a list of suggested campaigns that are related to your current campaigns. The "Performance" tab is where you can see all of the insights from the leads that have been aggregated.
  3. Q: What is the Rated and Archive folder for, and why are my leads going there?
    A: Once you rate a lead, the lead is then logged into "Rated" if you thumbs it up, or "Archive" if you thumbs it down.
  4. Q: How come I am not getting any leads? Where do leads come from?
    A: Leads come directly through vendor channels such as call vendors, form submissions on your website, and chat vendors. We must have these vendors send your leads to our API endpoints in order for Sherloq to receive and display your leads.
  5. Q: Why am I getting solicitation leads? Isn't Sherloq supposed to give me only profitable leads?
    A: Sherloq learns from both good and bad leads. Sherloq assesses what leads to go after from all of the leads that are received. If you thumbs down a solicitation lead, it will know not to go after those types of leads.

Using Sherloq

  1. Q: Can I download my leads?
    A: Yes. On the "Performance" tab to the right in the "Lead Analysis" section there is a "Download Leads" Button.
  2. Q: Why should I rate a lead?
    A: Giving insight as to what lead is credible, and which are spam/solicitation is invaluable information for Sherloq to detect which type of lead you would like to receive more of. If you give the lead a monetary value it will give that type of lead even more weight.
  3. Q: How do I add a campaign?
    A: You can add a campaign by clicking on the "+" key in the upper right hand corner, or by going to the Sherloq Shopping Cart.

Setting Up Sherloq

  1. Q: How do I setup my Google Ads with Sherloq?
    A: All you need to do is provide us with your Google Ads Client ID. Having this will allow us to request permission to setup your Google Ads with Sherloq.
  2. Q:How do I get my Google Ads Client ID?
    A: Follow these steps to access your Google Ads Client ID:

    • Step 1: Log into your Google Ads account
    • Step 2 (For users with multiple Ad accounts): If you have multiple accounts, your ID number would be the ten digit number located next to the account name that you would like to give Sherloq access to.
    • Step 3 (For single Ad account users): Your ID number is the ten digit number located next to your name.
  3. Q: How do I set this up with my current CRM.
    A: We would need to get your CRM vendor's API endpoint to send all the leads that have been aggregated into Sherloq.
  4. Q: I can only view one campaign. How do I get to my other campaigns?
    A: On the campaign tab there are two parts to know about the navigation of your campaign. The first is by market, and the second is by location. If you have multiple markets you can navigate these with the arrow tabs on each side of the page. If you have multiple campaigns under one market for multiple locations you can select these from the dropdown under estimated leads.
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