Tap Into the Power of First-Party Data

Believe it or not, your business already has one of the most powerful tools in marketing at your disposal. It’s not your marketing budget, and it’s not your product – it’s your customers, and what you know about them.

That’s your first-party data: digital interactions, purchase history, preferences, loyalty status, and other information about your current customers. When used properly, first-party data provides the greatest return of investment of any data type, because it’s based on actual real-world interactions with your brand instead of inferences and conjecture. It answers the question “Who are your customers?”

Of course, the key is “when used properly.” How do you leverage first-party data to help your business?

Sherloq® solves that.

Use key consumer insights to make your content more relevant.

Marketing in the 21st century is all about meeting customers where they are. Sherloq provides robust conversation intelligence tools to tell you how your customers talk about their needs and your services. When you use the consumer’s own words on your website, content marketing, and advertising copy, you get better performance.

Understand purchasing intent and guide the customer journey.

It’s one thing to know who is purchasing your product or service, but it’s even better to know why. Sherloq uses AI to understand what questions people ask at each stage in the customer journey – awareness, interest, desire, and action – so that you can align your marketing efforts with purchase intent and move more customers down the funnel.

Organize, track, mine, and query your first-party data.

Powered by the AI Core®, Sherloq classifies and aggregates your first-party data – including your website, mobile site, app, CRM, email, and more – and provides robust search tools to help you find specific words and phrases. Home in on high-quality traffic and discover which key terms give you the most valuable leads.

Your first-party data is a key piece of the puzzle. Sherloq puts it in place.

As the largest players in ad tech start blocking third-party cookies, first-party data will become even more important in the coming years. Is your marketing strategy ready? Power your way forward with Sherloq’s first-party data tools.

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