Improve campaign performance with advertising automation

All the major ad platforms perform better when you can tell them who your best customers are.

That sounds obvious, but it’s critical to make the most of search engine marketing, and most companies get it wrong. You need the power of an AI Core® to capture marketing data, analyze lead quality, and feed that information back into the advertising platforms to improve performance.

Sherloq® solves that.

It starts with lead evaluation.

You already know who your best customers are. When a lead comes in, you have the insight to determine whether it’s likely to be a high-value or low-value customer. Sherloq allows you to score those leads and teach the AI how to understand them so that more of your advertising dollars go toward attracting high-quality leads.

Scale up with AI scoring and machine learning.

Using the AI core, scale that intuition across every ad campaign. Once Sherloq knows who your high-value customers are, the Watson AI can learn to score leads on its own based on a wide variety of factors, all in real time.

Unlock the power of automated AI model training.

The more you use Sherloq, the better it gets at running your ad campaigns – and the better your ROI. Advertising automation means constantly improving your ad campaigns to keep pace with changes in the market and user behavior.

Power your campaigns with a fully cookieless solution.

The big players in advertising tech are phasing out third-party cookies, eliminating a major current source of marketing data. But Sherloq’s ad automation solution works with your own first-party data, which isn’t going anywhere.

Shift happens. Are your ad campaigns prepared?

In the world of digital advertising, change is the only constant. We basically predicted the future – and we built a tool that can keep making winning predictions and keep your business afloat. Are you ready to tap into the power of automation?

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