Simple & Easy Onboarding

Installation is simple, and it only takes three easy steps to get started with SherloQ™ with IBM Watson today!

Step 1: Account Creation

Creating your SherloQ™ account is easy and our team of support specialists can help walk you through this process.

For agency clients, a dedicated Support Specialist will set up an onboarding call with your agency to create a SherloQ™ account.

Step 2: Google Ads & GTM Access

Provide SherloQ™ with your Google Ads CID and access to your GTM container.

For digital performance tracking, grant SherloQ™ access to your Google Ads.

Step 3: Tracking Integrations

Sync your existing conversion tracking software with SherloQ™ by providing your call, chat and form tracking vendor information.

Sign up with SherloQ™ today! To get started, contact our support team at [email protected] or by filling out the form below.

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