Simple & Easy Onboarding

Installation is simple, and it only takes three easy steps to get started with Sherloq® with IBM Watson today!

Step 1: Account Creation

Creating your Sherloq account is easy and our team of support specialists can help walk you through this process.

For agency clients, a dedicated Support Specialist will set up an onboarding call with your agency to create a Sherloq account.

Step 2: Google Ads & GTM Access

Provide Sherloq with your Google Ads CID and access to your GTM container.

For digital performance tracking, grant Sherloq access to your Google Ads.

Step 3: Tracking Integrations

Sync your existing conversion tracking software with Sherloq by providing your call, chat and form tracking vendor information.

Sign up with Sherloq today! To get started, contact our support team at [email protected] or by filling out the form below.

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