Driving Your Agency’s Content Strategy with SherloQ™’s Intelligence Reports

Driving Agency Copy StrategyOne of the most valuable tools for your agency's content strategy is the daily SherloQ™ Intelligence Report. Along with SEM Rush for competitive research, these two products provide a powerful combination for any copy team.

How do you use it?

Assuming your copy team has already "rushed" the competitive landscape for a client and set up a basic website framework, the SherloQ™ Intelligence Report, along with the IBM Watson AI, begins to provide daily insights into ad copy that converted: Trending Keywords, Entity Intelligence (locations, people, places), and Organic Keywords not found in Google.  While this may not sound like much, the technology is rather advanced. Watson and SherloQ™ both use natural, yet very advanced language, machine learning models that are not typically available without huge cost.

3 big benefits

Each morning the copy team quickly scans the easy-to-read report, which contains a list of all our accounts that use SherloQ™. They first review each Intelligence section and look for locations or places they may have missed in their organic and paid targeting strategy. It's amazing how many times we find a new target we missed.

Next they review the Trending Keywords section. This is where it gets interesting. Some of the time, the report contains key terms we know and have used in landing pages. At least a few times a week we find a gem of a new key term we did not realize users were searching for. We then add these to an existing landing page or we will make a new page if the topic is large enough. This has driven some serious increases in marketing performance without adding cost to the accounts.

Last, we look at Organic Keywords. This section is used  to find new and developing markets that users are searching for. In fact, this is the most-used section for the marketing and revenue growth teams. These terms are discussed and many times presented as new marketing opportunities to the clients, who are trying to expand market share.

The process is repeated weekly or monthly during account reviews and has resulted in constant performance growth. The impact on the copy department has been tremendous.


Jacob M Del Hagen
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at SherloQ, Inc

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