The Business Benefits of Combining AdTech and MarTech

SherloQ AdTech MarTech white sheet coverAdTech and MarTech are two terms often used interchangeably within the industry but mean two very different things. What do these terms mean? And how can combining both pieces benefit business owners?

AdTech, short for advertising technology, refers to the different technology used to research audiences and deliver targeted ads to those audiences.

MarTech, short for marketing technology, is best defined by John Koetsier: "Every piece of technology a marketer uses to reach a potential customer is MarTech." By definition, this includes AdTech as well as the following:

  • Content marketing (content management systems, SEO tools, content marketing platforms, etc.)
  • Social media (management & monitoring tools)
  • Marketing automation (marketing automation software, email marketing tools, etc.)
  • Sales enablement (sales automation platforms, CRM platforms)
  • Data and analytics platforms

The biggest difference between the two is how AdTech focuses on the campaign level and delivers a message to the masses, while MarTech focuses on the customer and delivers a more personalized message. Although both sides are critical, combining the two is key to unlocking digital success.

The Rise of MadTech

MadTech is a term that is on the rise and is defined as the convergence of marketing, advertising and technology. Platforms like SherloQ™, powered by IBM Watson, demonstrate that AdTech and MarTech both become more powerful when they are used together, closing a gap that most in the industry don't even realize exists. That gap is knowing what clicks turned into actual customers. Combining media buying automation with real customer data can result in real efficiency and real profits for advertisers and businesses alike.

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