Power Your Auto Dealership with Sherloq®

Bringing in more qualified online leads is critical for the continued success of your automotive dealership. That, and the ability to understand new search trends and how they can be incorporated to improve your existing advertising and content marketing strategies.

Sherloq accurately attributes all incoming leads to your best customers, matching them to the ads and search terms that ultimately drive them to your site. Sherloq utilizes this feedback to inform the automation cycle in each ad platform which ads and campaigns it should optimize for, thus bringing in more potential revenue for your dealership.

We can integrate with and currently partner with multiple dealerships that use them as their partner agency.

Features of Sherloq

  • Real-time notifications for all incoming leads
  • Effortlessly value leads with a swipe of your finger in the app
  • Respond to qualified leads from the palm of your hand
  • Optimize campaigns for the ads that are driving more qualified leads

Additionally, Sherloq offers a level of intelligence unavailable until now. Our Intelligence Reports include daily actionable marketing intelligence for your organization.

  • Newly discovered trending keywords to add to your website content
  • Insight into ad performance and ways to improve your ad creative
  • Uncover potential new markets to expand into

Give your dealership an advantage over the competition and partner with Sherloq today! For pricing and questions, please contact us at 646-989-3530.

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