SherloQ™'s pricing model is based on your industry's average cost per acquisition (CPA), not the average cost per click (CPC). This is because SherloQ™ is designed to find more qualified leads, meaning your best customers.

It's as simple as that.

$49.95 monthly subscription fee


Your Cost Per Lead (CPL)

Your cost per lead (CPL) is based on the average cost per acquisition (CPA) for your industry.

Do you measure success by driving engagement, sign-ups, articles or video views? Or do you measure success by driving leads, revenue and customer growth? Depending on your campaign's conversion strategy, SherloQ™ can drive higher efficiencies for your business.

$1-$50 CPA
$0.79 CPL
$50-$100 CPA
$1.79 CPL
$100+ CPA
$2.79 CPL

For less than the cost of a grande latte, you'll finally know who's behind the click™ and improve your overall digital marketing performance.