Respond to Potential Clients Before Your Competitors Can

Legal is the most competitive and expensive category in search. In this market, the firm that responds to potential clients faster than the competition signs up those cases.

Sherloq® is the ultimate performance marketing platform, allowing your firm to harness the power of IBM Watson’s AI and machine learning technology, designed exclusively for the legal vertical, to improve the results of your digital marketing campaigns and drive real profits.

Sherloq is a simple add-on that integrates with the technology already implemented on your site to gather leads: call tracking, chats and form submissions.

Centralized Access to Leads:

  • Real-time notifications for all incoming leads are sent to your mobile device.
  • Listen to call recordings, read chat and email transcripts, and contact potential clients from within the app.
  • Thumb up the cases you want and thumb down the cases that are out of your practice area.

Improved Ad Campaigns:

  • Assign dollar values to the leads that become your best clients.
  • Train advertising platforms on the campaigns that are generating real profits for your business, so their automation systems know where to invest more of your budget.
  • Estimate market share and the number of leads based on your category, location and budget.

Marketing Intelligence:

  • Gain insight into the trending keywords consumers use in natural conversation everyday, which can then be incorporated into your site content strategy and ad creative.
  • Uncover more information on potential clients, including their contact information, social media profiles and the search terms and landing pages they converted on.
  • More accurately measure overall profit based on your advertising efforts.

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