Know Who’s
Behind the Click

What does your intelligence look like?

It’s impossible for marketers to verify which leads converted on which ad campaigns – until now.

With Sherloq®, powered by IBM Watson, marketers can finally uncover who’s Behind the Click℠, directly connecting leads to the specific ads they clicked and ultimately converted on.

  1. Watson Thinks: Utilizing machine learning technology, IBM Watson categorizes every single lead, including whether it’s paid or organic.
  2. Who's Behind the Click℠: Sherloq is able to identify a lead’s contact information (name, phone, address) and provide links to their social media profiles.
  3. Lead Details: Gain insight into the landing pages and search terms that bring in every lead, as well as location and channel data.
  4. Overall Emotion: While experimental, this section offers user sentiment, helping marketers interpret a lead’s emotional state when they initially reached out to you.
  5. Trending Keywords: Glean insights directly from the language leads are using. The most relevant keywords are emphasized in the word cloud to help determine whether they should be incorporated into the website and ad copy.

Know Who's Behind the Click

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