SherloQ Integration Process for Agency

1. Set up agency master account

This will be the account all sub accounts will be under.

2. Set up client-level account

A. If the agency is setting up their client’s account, please provide SherloQ with the usernames/emails assigned to each client.

B. If SherloQ is setting up the client’s account, we will need the usernames/emails that the agency would like to use for each account. If none are provided, SherloQ will use placeholder emails until actual emails are provided.

Note: Each client will need a unique email for their username. Emails cannot be reused on multiple accounts.

C. Provide administrative access to for the client’s current Google Tag Manager (GTM) container. If there is not one currently on the site, SherloQ will provide one to be added to the client’s site.

3. Provide information required for each account

A. Provide call tracking vendor name, login credentials and account ID, or provide user access. If the client is not currently using call tracking, SherloQ will provide this service.

B. If the client is currently using a chat vendor service, provide chat vendor name, login credentials and account ID, or provide user access.

C. Provide the information about the client’s website build. Are they using a CMS (i.e. WordPress, Drupal, etc.), 3rd party vendor, or other?

D. What type of form does the client use on their site? (i.e. Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, Custom, etc.).

E. Provide the client’s Google Ads CID, so that we can request access to the account.

4. Steps after information is provided

A. Accept request for Google Ads access that was sent from SherloQ.

B. Based on the information from step 3, SherloQ will start the integration process and provide further instructions if needed.