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Control your ad campaigns right in the palm of your hand

"Are my campaigns efficient and driving real customers?" Regardless of a company's size, proving ROI is one of the most significant challenges faced by marketers. The primary reason is that there is no current way for marketers to match customer data to ads and search terms.

While you might be implementing automation and other best practices, without knowing what leads converted into actual customers, advertising platforms cannot optimize campaigns to be more efficient alone.

SherloQ™, powered by IBM Watson, is a simplistic, yet powerful app, built to increase sales and drive profitability by using patented bio-feedback directly from your business.

SherloQ's platform gives business owners complete control over their ad campaigns (finally) for an affordable price, technology that would otherwise require significant investment both internally and externally.

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Features of SherloQ™

  • View all incoming leads in the palm of your hand
  • Rate, value and respond to leads in real-time
  • Adjust spend for existing campaigns based on estimated leads and market share
  • Request new ad campaigns within the app
  • Discover recommended markets to enter
  • View campaign metrics in real-time
  • Get a more accurate picture of overall profit generated by campaigns
  • Read daily Intelligence Reports that include trending keywords to improve website content and ad copy
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